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The Basics for what you need on trail: 

  • Taut Line Hitch: Simple, fast, moveable, and easy to untie perfect for shelter building with a tarp 
  • Truckers Hitch: You want to get all the slack out of your taut line quick? Truckers hitch is effective and versatile. 
  • Half Hitch: Ties of a Truckers hitch or any other knot quickly. 
  • Bowline: Extremely strong and easy to untie it is great for making loops. 
  • Overhand Knot: An essential basic, strong and fast, not as easy to untie as it tightens on itself 
  • Overhand on a bite: A quick way to make a loop 
  • Clove Hitch: Tightens on an object. Use this to make a chicken head with a rock if the grommet on your tarp is broken! 


Rock Climbing & Rappelling Knots