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In the wilderness, knots become a basic life skill. Knots are essential to building shelters, any safety or rescue scenario and most high adventure activities. This is not a place to find every knot in the book, but only the one's we think are the most useful to you! 


Need to brush up on Leave No Trace (LNT) or learn some new techniques to teach it? These are the principles that guide us and keep our wilderness beautiful. Let's find ways to pass it on!  


Learn how to make tarp shelters! Tarp shelters are far better for groups than tents. They are light, relatively easy and show students how they can keep themselves safe. They can also be adjusted to be any size and allow for optimal supervision of students. Take a look at different styles and the uses for each.  


Make sure you know where you are going and where you are leading your students! Know how to read a topographical map, use a compass and if all else fails, navigate by the stars!