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Self Efficacy (What it is and Why it Matters)

Great overview by about what Self -Efficacy is, it's roots and how it's concepts affect our accomplishment of goals, tasks and challenges in life. Read More

Self-Efficacy as a Positive Youth Development Construct: A Conceptual Review

Self-efficacy denotes people's beliefs about their ability to perform in different situations. It functions as a multilevel and multifaceted set of beliefs that influence how people feel, think, motivate themselves, and behave during various tasks. Read More

Self Efficacy Development in Adolescents

This Chapter from Self Efficacy beliefs of Adolescents, looks at how Self Efficacy can effect student's level of academic achievement, what factors contribute to it and why advancing levels of self efficacy is important. Read More

Adventures in Identity Development: The Impact of Adventure Recreation on Adolescent Identity Development

This study examined the effect of an adventure recreation program on adolescent identity development. Read More


Antecedents of Identity Development in a Structured Recreation Setting: A Qualitative Inquiry

 This qualitative study examined a context, a 2-week adventure recreation program for youth, quantitatively shown in previous research to have promoted identity development. (It examens "the facilitating contextual elements" of identity formation) Read More

Adventure Education and Outward Bound: Out-of-Class Experience That Make a Lasting Difference (Hattie, Marsh, Neill, Richards) 

Outward Bound is considered the father of the modern adventure model. The research in this study shows the effects of adventure programs on a number of different outcomes. Read More