The Alchemist

Pure joy and enchantment are the best ways to describe Paul Coelho's mystical novel of a Spanish shepherd boy seeking his destiny.

The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict

The Anatomy of Peace helps us see how we actually cause the problems we think are caused by other people. Were trapped by preconceived ideas and self-justifying reactions that keep us from seeing the world clearly and dealing with it effectively.

Breaking the Patterns of Depression

Clinical psychologist and depression expert Yapko provides the latest evidence that depression is more a product of learning than a biological reaction, and his book helps sufferers systematically diffuse patterns that contribute to and encourage depression. Over a hundred easy self-help exercises place the knowledge and ability to control depressions squarely in the suffers' hands, exploring the problem-solving skills necessary to achieve control. Case history examples fuel discussions.

Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself

For twenty years Mealody Beattie has been writing lucidly about codependency-- the pattern of trying to control or change someone who repeatedly makes trouble for themselves and others, and who usually is manipulating and controlling others as well.

The Dance of Anger: A Woman's Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships

By Harriet Lerner

In Dance of Anger, Lerner shows women how to turn anger into a constructive force for reshaping their lives. She illuminates the causes and patterns of anger while providing specific strategies for making meaningful and lasting changes in important relationships.

A Gentle Path through the Twelve Steps: The Classic Guide for All People in the Process of Recovery

This unique, non-threatening workbook emphasizes common themes at the heart of all Twelve Step fellowships especially clear explanation of what “working with the program” means.

The Knight in Rusty Armor

By Robert Fisher

While searching for a way to remove the armor that has become stuck on him, a knight finally discovers the true qualities of knighthood.

Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box

In this fictional tale, an executive learns the grat secret of leadership effectivenes: to get out of the self-deceptive box of narcissism and start connecting in empathetic and respectful ways with others. We're in the box when we treat others as objects or focus on what's wrong with them instead of what we can do to help. 

Lies! Lies!! Lies!!!: The Psychology of Deceit

By Charles V. Ford

Research on the psychology of lies, ranging from pathological liars to the everyday white lie to advertising and beyond.

Man's Search for Meaning

By Victor E. Frankl

Frankl's timeless memoir and mediation on finding meaning in the midst of suffering.

The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child

By Nancy Verrier

“There is no such thing as a baby...”When Donald Winnicott said those words, what he meant was that there is instead a mother/baby---an emotional, psychological, spiritual unit—where knowing comes from intuition and where energy is exchanged. The baby and the mother, although separated physiologically, are still psychologically one. Needless to say for the child separated from his mother at birth or soon after, such an idea has tremendous importance.

Self-Efficacy: The Exercise of Control

Albert Bandura's highly anticipated examination of his vastly influential work on self-efficacy is now available. The result of over 20 years of research by this renowned psychologist, the book articulates comprehensively Bandura's theory that believing one can achieve what one sets out to do results in a healthier, more effective, and generally more successful life.

The Tao of Pooh

By Benjamin Hoff

Is there such thing as a Western Taoist Benjamin Hoff says there is, and this Taoist's favorite food is honey. Through brilliant and witty dialogue wth the beloved Pooh-bear and his companions, the author of this smash bestseller explains with ease and aplomb that rather than being a distant and mysterious concept, Taoism is as near and practical to us as our morning breakfast bowl. Romp through the enchanting world of Winnie-the=Pooh while soaking up invaluable lessons on simplicity and natural living.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives

By Dan Millman

Way of the Peaceful Warrior is based on the story of Dan Millman, a world champion athlete, who journeys into realms of romance and magic, light and darkness, body, mind, and spirit. Guided by a powerful old warrior named Socrates and tempted by an elusive, playful woman named Joy, Dan is led toward a final confrontation that will deliver or destroy him. Readers join Dan as he learns to live as a peaceful warrior. This international bestseller conveys piercing truths and humorous wisdom, speaking directly to the universal quest for happiness.