Born in California, I graduated from UC Santa Barbara and cast myself into the world as one of many driven and directionless post graduates. The next step in my aspiring success was experience in the business world. I moved to San Francisco, got a job at a small company doing a bit of everything, from organizing to marketing to management. I soon found myself an independent contractor making my way. Four years later, feeling sucked into a world of paper, contracts and computer screens about things I had no investment in, I realized I needed to find a new path. In what seemed sudden to most, I picked up, and moved to teach English in Thailand.  

While I was there I had an epiphany: What if, I could teach, but not in a classroom, and travel and adventure and show students what I have learned by my experiences... I wonder if anything like THAT exists. After some extensive google searches, my goal was clear! Since then, the world has been my classroom and my playground. I have now traveled to 26 countries, lived on three continents, speak Spanish as well as functional Hungarian and Thai.

I am a professional river guide, am experienced facilitating backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking, rappeling and other adventures. I have taught, guided, volunteered, traveled and picked up every shred of knowledge I could find along the way about the experiential education industry and the technical skills needed to facilitate adventure education. I am currently a Wilderness Adventure Therapy guide and am continuing to learn every day about the industry, about the students and about myself.