How it began:

In Spring 2012 I had just returned from traveling around South America and my path lead me to begin working as a Wilderness Adventure therapy guide. I quickly learned about the concept of Self-Efficacy and it's importance to students with behavioral or social issues in the process of seeking change. Learn More

Tevra Blankenship (Owner/ Creator)

Some years ago, long before SEER Education was even a spark of an idea, I had an epiphany: What if, I could teach, but not in a classroom, and travel and adventure and show students what I have learned by my experiences... I wonder if anything like THAT exists. After some extensive google searches, I discovered experiential education and my goal was suddenly clear! Since then, the world has been my classroom and my playground. I have now traveled to 26 countries, lived on three continents, speak Spanish as well as functional Hungarian and Thai.

I am a Sandan (third degree black belt) in Karate, a professional river guide and am experienced facilitating backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking, rappelling and other adventures. I have taught, guided, volunteered, traveled and picked up every shred of knowledge I could find along the way about the experiential education industry and the technical skills needed to facilitate adventure education. I am currently a Adventure Therapy guide in Costa Rica and am continuing to learn every day about the industry, about the students and about myself. Learn More