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SEER Education

The Self Efficacy Experience Resource is a free, user friendly compilation of experiential education material. The site has been compiled and contributed to by guides and those in the experiential education industry.  Almost all of the material on the site is also downloadable for mobile use!  Let us band together to create an unparallelled resource community of academic and practical concepts we can use in the field to intentionally promote self efficacy.

SEER also has a duel meaning. A seer, is one who looks into the future, and I believe that experiential and outdoor education is our future. People learn from experience and alternative methods of learning are becoming more prevalent throughout the world. I hope that this website can act as a valuable resource for those embracing the concepts of self efficacy and experiential learning. --Tevra Blankenship

We must be the change we wish to see in the world.       --Mahatma Gandhi